Our Obstacles are highly classified.  We will be giving hints now and then on Facebook about obstacles so make sure you like us!

What makes us different (and we think better, lol) than other mud and obstacle runs is the ability to choose some of your obstacles.  Yes, you choose!  We have Green Circle obstacles, Black Diamond and maybe even a Double Black Diamond obstacles.  Each Obstacle will have a sign that will distinguish the obstacle's difficulty level.

Green Circle Obstacles:  These obstacles will be easier and most people should feel comfortable attempting it.  There will be no pressure and we encourage everyone to have fun!

Black Diamond Obstacles:  These obstacles will be more difficult.  Athletes will likely need more mental and physical strength to conquer these obstacles. Black Diamond challenges are designed for the athletes that train for these types of events and want to push their limits a little harder.  Anyone is welcome to try a Black Diamond obstacle but we ask that you respect other athletes that might be racing at a faster pace.  

Obstacle Bypass:  If for ANY reason you don't feel confident in attempting an obstacle you can simply go around.  Each obstacle will have a bypass lane.

Obstacle Note:  Our goal is to create a race that you love and can't wait to sign up for again!!  We will continue to be creative with our obstacles to keep you guessing and make our events both fun and competitive.  We want to have a race that challenges the hard core racers while still providing fun and camaraderie to friends and family of all ages!  One of our biggest goals is to have a race with good flow and no traffic jams "bottlenecks".  You are welcome to re-attempt a challenge if you don't succeed the first time, but we ask that you be courteous of those behind you.  After the second attempt you must utilize the bypass lane to help keep the event moving.

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